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Term 6

Welcome to the last term of the academic school year. We have an exciting summer planned and are hoping to make the most of the hot weather. 

Curriculum overview

This term our topic is 'Let's Go on Holiday'. 

In History and Geography, we will investigate Significant individuals who made a BIG impact on history and had to travel to do it. We will be focusing on Amelia Earhart (plane), Mary Seacole (Boat) and Felicity Aston (Skis). We will practice our geography skills by using mas to explore their routes and create our own! 

Our books for this term are 'Flat Stanley' by Jeff Brown and 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' by David Armitage and Ronda Armitage, and we will deliver our English curriculum through them. In Maths, our focus is on Division and Capacity. 

In PHSE, we will continue looking at Healthy Me. We will be working with Ruby Class and merging the classes, which was enjoyed by all students over the past few terms. As part of this, we will focus on being healthy physcially. 

In art, we will be exploring David Hockney and his summer works. 

We will continue to practice life skills using the Talentino programme with Natalie on a Wednesday morning. Check Evidence for Learning to see what they are up to this term. Cooking will continue on a Thursday morning as well. 

PE will continue to be on a Wednesday afternoon. 

If  you need a new log in sent for Evidence for Learning so you can see your student's work,  please let me know and I will get it sent to you. 





Key Dates and other information

Natalie, who teaches in our class on a Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon, is off to have her baby in the middle of June. We wish her all the best and have loved learning with her. 

Feel Good Friday is back! We will be mixing up with classes in our bubble to support our wellbeing and mental health. 

This term we will be doing lots of work with Post 16 to support transition as 5 of our class are joining Post 16 in September. It will also be beneficial for those joining Post 16 the year after. 

We hope to have an end of year trip to celebrate all our achievements. A letter will be sent home in due course!