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Post 16 Curriculum

We are proud of the very curriculum that we have developed at New Siblands and the many elements that feed into it ensure that students are able to continue their journey of holistic development that has been started lower down in the school.

Our broad and balanced curriculum recognises the individual journeys of each students and we allow room for personalisation to ensure that students get a unique journey through their time in Post 16.

There is a balance between formal classroom learning and hands on practical work that allows students to develop their skills whilst also developing their understanding as well.

Please use the links to the right to find out more information about what each element of our curriculum entails as well as information about the two formal qualifications that students can work towards during their time in the department.

The This Term section will also outline what is being covered this term.

Curriculum Pathways

Similarly to the rest of the school students are able to progress through the Post 16 Curriculum through either the Belonging, Achievement or Celebration Pathways. For more information on what is meant by our different pathways please follow this link.

3 Year Cycle

Our curriculum works on a 3 Year Cycle ensuring that we have a progressive coverage which avoids unnecessary repetition.

This also allows us over learn things where needed while keeping it exciting and engaging for students.

Our full curriculum document can be found in the attachment below.