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Term 5

Welcome to Term 5!

Curriculum overview

Our theme this term is 'On the Farm'

We will be learning lots of vocabulary such as the names of different animals, the colours you might see and how to look after animals on the farm. We are even going to meet some of them!

Please click on the learning overview at the bottom of the page to see what we will be learning in Term 5.

Please remember you can log onto Evidence for Learning to find updates and photos of your child's learning.


Our Literacy story this term is 'Rosie's Walk'

       Click here to listen to the story.


Can you watch the video and anticipate what is coming next? Can you use words like ‘over’, ‘under’ or ‘around’ to describe where Rosie is walking?



Our Numeracy focus is Number, Addition and Subtraction, Positional Language and Measurement.

Click here to listen to a farm maths song. 





Our assemblies will be focusing on different farm animals and the Makaton signs.

Click here to learn some animal signs.

Physical Development (PE session)

This term the children will have an opportunity to join in with weekly Rebound sessions with Jane Hawkes. Jane will also be leading our Wednesday PE sessions, with a focus on team games.


Weekly Swimming sessions will take place on a Thursday morning.

Please can you ensure that your child has a Swimming kit in school. This will be a swimming costume/ swim shorts, a towel and double nappy system (if required- see below for details). Please can these items be sent in a bag with your child's name on each item. We will keep the Swimming kits in school, wash weekly and send them home at the end of every Term.

If your child is not yet toilet trained the double nappy system will be required to try. A double system has 2 steps: 

Step 1 - Nappy wrap (reusable swim nappy)  Or disposable swim nappy

Step 2 – Incontinence swimwear pants/shorts that seal around the waist and thighs. 

Here is some information about incontinence swimwear pants/shorts that seal around the waist and thighs

Splash About have created a range of incontinence swimwear for older children and adults, providing the same benefits as the award-winning Happy Nappy in discreet, grown-up styles. Splash Shorts, Jammers and Splash Costumes can help everyone enjoy swimming – please click this link for more information


Key Dates and other information