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Term 4

A huge welcome back to our fabulous Ruby class!

We have yet another exciting and extremely busy term ahead of us.

Curriculum overview

This term our topic is 'Thornbury'.

In History and Geography, we will explore the local legends and area.

Covid-19 and weather permitting, we hope to get out and about in the community and become acquainted with our local area.

We will be learning about Henry VIII and his links to Thornbury Castle and Edward Jenner, the first person to create a vaccine who lived nearby in Berkeley. 

Our books for this term are 'The Way Home' by Libby Hathorn & Gregory Rogers and 'Town Mouse, Country Mouse' by Richard Jones & Libby Waldon, and we will deliver our English curriculum through both books.

In Maths, our focus is on Money and Fractions. 

In PHSE, we will continue looking at goals and dreams. We will be working with Ruby Class and merging the classes, which was enjoyed by all students last term.

As part of this, we will raise money for charity and look at different causes. 

We will continue to practise life skills using the Talentino programme with Sally C during Krissy's PPA and leadership time. We will also be exploring the many changes occurring outside during outdoor learning as Spring makes its way closer to us.

Wednesday afternoons have been allocated to 'Road Safety' this term. Pupils will be taking it in turns to practise both the theory and practical aspects of keeping safe when crossing roads in the community.


Way Home : Rogers, Gregory: Books                              Town Mouse, Country Mouse : Walden, Libby, Jones, Richard:  Books




Key Dates and other information

Although Spring is definitely on the way, the weather is still very unpredictable. 

To ensure pupils are still able to access the playground at break and lunch time, please ensure your child brings a warm coat to school - even better if it is showerproof too!

Hats, scarves, gloves and wellington boots are also always welcomed!

We also try to achieve one mindfulness walk per week, so again, coats are really important during this time of year to ensure we can still explore the local area and work on our mindfulness skills. 


Education clipart, Physical education, Physical education games

P.E will take place every Thursday morning. Please ensure your child has a labelled P.E kit in school ready for these lessons.