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Term 3































This term we will be exploring:


Big and small, loud and quiet, dinosaurs come in all shapes and sizes. We will be going on a hunt for a dinosaur in our class sensory story, and pretending to be the noisiest and biggest dinosaurs we can in maths!

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We are making our own dinosaur story this term, but you can listen to Michael Rosen’s ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ to get some ideas for the type of journey we will be going on.


Our maths story is based on the fabulous book ‘1, 2, 3, do the dinosaur!’ Can you make yourself into a dinosaur at home by copying the actions?


We will also be making lots of dinosaur models in our expressive arts lessons, exploring different textures and ways of joining materials. Can you make a dinosaur model at home using items from your recycling?


We might even be meeting a dinosaur… watch this space!


How to Draw a Dinosaur Footprint - HelloArtsy

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Key Dates and other information:

3rd January 2023: Inset Day.

4th January 2022: First day of term 3.

10th February 2022: Last day of term 3.