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Social, Emotional and Mental Health

At New Siblands School, social, emotional and mental health is embedded within our curriculum.

Across all pathways, the emotional wellbeing of pupils is at the very heart of all learning. 

We are also very fortunate to have access to other services that also support our pupils' social, emotional and mental health through various interventions. 

The Pupils' Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead at New Siblands is Krissy Emery.

You can find out more information in the boxes below regarding the key strands that are covered across all learning pathways, the interventions that are currently available and resources/information that may help parents/carers to support their child's emotional wellbeing.


Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)

Resources for Emotional Literacy Support Assistants - ELSA Support


Mary Rose is our wonderful Emotional Literacy Support Assistant. She is based on our Secondary & Primary Wing site (Easton Hill Road)

She provides approximately 6 - 8 ELSA sessions for pupils that have been referred by staff for emotional literacy support. 

These sessions take place on Wednesday mornings. 

Please see our 'Therapies, Interventions and External Professionals' page for more information about ELSA sessions or please click below for a direct link:

Therapies, Interventions and External Professionals

Off The Record (OTR) Wellbeing Sessions

Off The Record, also known as OTR Bristol, is a local charity that has provided New Siblands with a qualified 'Wellbeing Practitioner' to help support our students that are potentially struggling with difficult thoughts and feelings.                 


This is Jacob Cunningham, New Siblands' very own 'Wellbeing Practioner' from Off The Record.

Here are a few words for our students from Jacob:

Hello, my name is Jacob and I'm a Wellbeing Practitioner from Off The Record.

"If you're feeling worried, anxious or stressed, or you find yourself feeling sad or low a lot of the time then I might be able to help! I will help you work out why you're struggling, and we can work together to find the right support for you, as we all need help now and then. I also use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT for short), which helps you understand the links between your thoughts, behaviours and feelings and how to make positive changes."

For more information on what services our Wellbeing Practitioner can provide for our students, please visit our 'Therapies, Interventions and External Professionals' page, or simply click the link below:

Therapies, Interventions and External Professionals

Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday is back!

What is 'Feel Good Friday'?

On Fridays, pupils based at our Secondary and Primary wing site are provided with activities that enable them to access, learn and apply skills in the following ways:

• Learning and applying coping mechanisms relating to areas such as behaviour, anxiety and anger management.

• Practising mindfulness & relaxation techniques such as yoga, breathing techniques, mindfulness crafts and expressive art.

• Social/play and communication skills including conflict resolution, negotiation, initiating play.

How is 'Feel Good Friday' structured?

Our Fridays usually begin with our 'Good News Assembly'. Pupils and staff come together to build a strong and true sense of belonging across our school. This is a fantastic opportunity for both pupils and staff to reflect and celebrate many pupils' achievements throughout the week. 

Mindfulness and relaxation activities take place in classes throughout the morning up until lunch.

Following lunch, pupils are split between several different classes to complete activities they wouldn't always usually choose to take part in. 

Activities that have previously taken part during our Feel Good Friday sessions:

  • Junk Modelling
  • Yoga and Mindfulness Craft
  • TacPac
  • Sensory Music
  • Small World Play
  • Table Top Games
  • Parachute Games
  • Expressive Dance


Rainbow Time

'Rainbow Time' takes place on our Primary site.

The Recovery Curriculum

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