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Positive Behaviour Support Base

At New Siblands we understand that a key part of our role is helping children and young people learn how to manage their own emotions and behaviour.  All individuals will have times when their behaviour can be challenging for themselves or others.  We make no judgement about this and know it is important to make sure everyone is kept safe and cared for. 

Adults in our school model appropriate behaviour for pupils and we will always adapt our provision to ensure children are able to be safe, stay calm and support students to make the right choices with their behaviour. For many years we have had staff providing support and advice to their colleagues about the best ways to ensure positive behaviour outcomes.  This year we have formalised those approaches by establishing a new Positive Behaviour Support Base. Specialist staff in the base regularly provide targeted support for individual pupils, training and support for school staff, work with parents or carers, as well as coordinate with outside agencies.  The focus is always on improving and supporting pupil wellbeing and addressing behaviours that challenging.

We recognise that behaviours that challenge or mental health needs are not isolated to the school environment – they can be experienced by our students at home, with other family members and in any other setting.  We have greatly benefitted from working alongside a range of outside agencies to ensure we provide a holistic package of support to ensure pupil wellbeing and positive behaviour improves in all areas of children and young people’s lives.  Some of the agencies we regularly work with are: Educational Psychologist, CAMHS, Intensive Positive Behaviour Support (IPBS), Social Care, Community Health, specialist health services, Speech and Language therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, external care teams, Respite settings and the Local Authority SEND team.



What will it look like?

This is the Positive Behaviour Support Base. It is based in Orange classroom at the Primary Site.



The Positive Behaviour Support Base aims to:

  • Support New Siblands to be pro-active in managing pupils with significant behaviours that challenge, as well as preventing escalation of behaviours that challenge through early interventions for pupils and training and support for staff across the school.
  • Support staff wellbeing by ensuring the appropriate support is in place to respond to behaviours at an early stage to prevent escalation.
  • Facilitate students to remain in their classroom settings for the maximum amount of time possible.



The Positive Behaviour Support Base will be led by the Positive Behaviour Support Base Programme Leader, Alice Maggs.  Alice will work in conjunction with Karen Miller (Behaviour and Sensory Needs leader) and Sian Postle, Teaching Assistant who will join the Behaviour Support Team to support the implementation of strategies and interventions across the school.


   Alice Maggs                          Sian Postle                               Karen Miller



Should you have any questions or wish to discuss the Positive Behaviour Support Base or Positive Behaviour Support at New Siblands please do not hesitate to contact Alice Maggs. Alice’s email is: