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Emerald Class

Welcome to our amazing Emerald Class

The pupils in Emerald Class are in school years 5 - 11, so are aged between 9 and 16 years.  We learn in a highly sensory and fun way, with lots of opportunities for physical development such as rebound therapy, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and motor skills.  Our classroom is always full of smiles, song and fun.  We follow a theme based curriculum to meet the pupils' personal learning goals.

We are based at the secondary site at Easton Hill Road, Thornbury.

You can reach reception on 01454 553002.

Meet the team


Wendy Boffin - Teacher - Monday and Tuesday          Rachel Smith - Teacher - Wednesday - Friday 

Rachel Smith - Teacher Wednesday - Friday



                                 Emerald Support Staff 

Donna  TA - Monday-Tuesday 
Natalie TA - Wednesday - Friday 
Lorraine  LSA- Monday- Friday
Kelly  LSA - Monday - Friday
Lauren  Carer - Monday - Tuesday 
Debbie Carer - Wednesday - Friday
Stacey  Carer - Monday - Friday





Our learning environment

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What have we been up to?

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Our learning

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