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Blue Class


Welcome to Blue class!

You can find our class at our Primary site, based at Gillingstool, Thornbury.

The contact telephone number for the Primary site is: 01454 553002


We are a mixed-age class of primary pupils. We use the Belonging Curriculum and our learning is based around a very holistic, multi-sensory approach. We have dedicated time for physio therapy, hydro therapy, pet therapy integrated throughout the day whilst also experiencing sensory stories, maths songs and skills and a different topic each term. You can find out more about our topics on our termly overview pages.


Blue Class Team

We have an amazing, dedicated team working with the pupils in Blue Class who are trained in all aspects of personal care as well as the different approaches to learning, such as intensive interaction:

Alice Walton- Class Teacher






Name Role
Sarah Teaching Assistant (Mon-Wed)
Emma Teaching Assistant (Thurs-Fri)
Jaime Learning Support Assistant
Brigitta Learning Support Assistant
Ana Care Assistants
Becca Care Assistant (Mon-Wed)
Beulah Care Assistant (Thurs-Fri)




Our classroom is bright and colourful and offers a highly stimulating environment for learning and playing! We also have some calmer areas for those pupils who need a lower stimulus for learning, or just a space to decompress after a busy activity.


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Much of our learning is through play and sensory experiences. Whilst we do our best to keep things clean, a spare set of clothing from home is always appreciated!


Our outdoor area is great for exploring in walkers or playing in chairs or out on the floor. We have a sensory corner with flowers and a trampoline to meet those other sensory needs. There are also opportunities for sensory play outside through the sand and water trays!

Trampoline safety net enclosure Jump King Jumping Vuly Trampolines,  Trampoline transparent background PNG clipart | HiClipart




You can see our termly timetables on our termly pages. Whilst this will usually remain the same each term, there might be slight changes.


Sensology is an approach designed by Flo Longhorn and aims to wake up the senses in order to get the body ready to learn. We do this most days of the week and it certainly prepares us for a busy day ahead!


If you have any questions about what’s on the timetable or would like some ideas of how to further explore learning at home, please let Alice know.



Most pupils in Blue Class will have access to the pool through hydrotherapy programmes set out by the physio team. This will happen on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Please make sure your child is provided with an appropriate swimming costume, swim nappy or incontinence wear and a towel, all clearly named in a bag.


Out and about

We like to explore and experience our local community through events and visits to places like the park or the local memory café. Look out for photos on evidence for learning or the newsletter.


External professionals

We often have visits from external professionals, such as the physio, occupational therapist etc. Where possible we will let you know when these are due to happen, or if you’d like to make a particular request you can do so through by emailing Alice.



       Our Learning

Please click on each term for an overview of what is happening this term