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Social Care

Within Post-16 we work closely with our colleagues in Social Care to ensure they are aware of our older students (18+) and our leavers.

We invite social workers to our reviews and encourage students to be at the centre of referrals requesting a service, as appropriate.

Adult social workers operate a three-conversations model, meaning that waiting lists are very short and students are assigned social workers very quickly, if elligible.

Over the age of 18 students and ex-students can refer directly using the address. It's always helpful to provide some detail. Good things to tell the Duty Team:

Your name

Your age

Who you live with and where you live

If you have a learning difficulty or disability, or any other health needs

Things you find difficult to do - move around, go outside, get around places

Things you are worried about

Things you would like to be able to do - go to college, get a job, be able to live somewhere different

Why you think you'd like some help

If you need some help to do this, our school Careers and Transitions Adviser Jon Troy can still help, even if you've left school. Jon can be contacted on