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Community and Leisure

There are also a number of providers of community day services around Bristol and South Gloucestershire that students from New Siblands School have gone on to access:

Choices4U – Sport and Leisure activities.

Brandon Trust Elmtree Farm - plant nursery, horticulture and farm. Brandion Trust run a range of other enterprises as well: Brandon Trust Enterprises

Milestones Trust - Day services in Warmley, among lots of other things to do

PROPS - Employability and workshop skills, printing and making things

Organic Blooms - Horticulture, gardening.

Three Trees - Activities, support to find somewhere to live, help to become more independent

New Beginnings - arts and crafts, making new friends, music and dance

Design 4 Life - Lots of support to get out into the community, sensory and social activities

Bingham Centre - Lots of support to do things, outdoors space, arts and crafts, singing

Promoting Opportunities - help to get out and do things in the community

Paul's Place - lots of support for physical disabilities. Social activities, making friends.

Silvacare - Outreach community activities, help to become more independent

Action on Hearing Loss - help and support if you have a hearing impairment

Burley Inclusive - Help to become more independent and learn workskills. Outdoors and practical activities

Smile Living - Help to become more independent and learn living skills

The Hatch - learn to live as independently as possible. Craft activities, cooking.

Freeways Support - Help to live independently

SILS - Learn life and independent living skills

Options Support - group activities and learning to do more things for yourself

Aspirations - Help to access the community, things to do

Manor Community - Support to do things during the day or to live independently

Anne Coleman Centre - Day and residential support for adults with autism