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Year 7 catch-up premium

 New Siblands Year 7 Catch-Up Premium 2019/20

Year 7 Catch Up Premium

The value of Year 7 Catch Up Funding is £4,500. This is for 9 pupils in Year 7.


To address learning needs in Year 7 in the following area;

  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

We are using the grant to provide programmes and resources that are effective in addressing learning needs in these areas for pupils with SLD and PMLD.

  • See & Learn Resources and Training
  • Objects of Reference Resources and Training
  • High Quality Literacy Text and Related Resources
  • Reading Schemes
  • Numicon & Maths Resources


  • To supplement training and resources of known effective programmes specific to SLD and PMLD
  • To support good progress in maths and reading for Year 7  pupils

Success Criteria

  • Year 7 Pupils make good or better progress in reading, number, and shape, space and measure.

Allocation of Year 7 Catch Up Premium


Impact on Year 7 Pupils

Please note that progress was effected as school shut in March 2020 following a new assessment system being introduced in January 2020. So the progress is measured on 3 months of data.

Cohort of 9 learners in Year 7.

  Maintaining Emerging Expected Exceeded
Reading 2 (22%) 2 (22%) 4 (44%) 1 (11%)
Maths: Number 5 (55%) 3 (33%) 1 (11%)
Maths: SSM 5 (55%) 1 (11%) 3 (33%)
  • Assuming that progress continued at the same rate for the period of closure, Year 7 pupils in reading, number and shape, space & measure is good, demonstrating the effective use of Year 7 Catch Up Premium at New Siblands.
  • New targets for Maths: SSM were introduced half way through the three month assessment period so pupils were new to these targets and were not able to move from maintaining to emerging.
  • However, the cohort of learners is small and is not statistically significant.