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New Siblands School Pupil Premium Strategy

Context of School

New Siblands School is a special school for children aged 2-19 years who have Severe Learning Difficulties or Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties. All of our pupils have EHCPs.  Many of our pupils have additional barriers to their learning such as autism, speech, language and communication difficulties. Some have medical, personal and emotional needs, behavioural and sensory difficulties that require a supportive or nurturing environment. Some of our pupils are looked after and some exhibit complex mental health difficulties.

The catchment area encompasses the whole of South Gloucestershire with a very few children from out of county.

At New Siblands we have high aspirations for our children and our vision of achievement, belonging and celebration is at the heart of everything we do and the direction we are heading in. This vision, summarised  as ABC: Achievement, Belonging, Celebration, seeks to ensure our pupils receive the challenge, care and support needed to achieve their potential. New Siblands is a school that seeks to challenge and support our pupils to have a true sense of belonging in their school and wider community, whilst celebrating success every step of the way.

We do not believe that “one size fits all” so each pupil has a personalised learning plan that ensures can reach their maximum potential and flourish.

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Funding

The value of Pupil Premium Funding for academic year 2019-20 is £52,605. This includes funding for Service Children but not Looked After Children (LAC).


The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England. It is designed to help disadvantaged pupils of all abilities perform better, and close the gap between them and their peers.

The basic amount for each pupil is;

Reception to Year 6 – £1, 320

Year 7 to Year 11 – £935

Pupils that are looked after by the Local Authority may have alternative pupil premium funding, which is accounted for separately.  

Previously after by the Local Authority (within 6 years) – £2300

Post 16 pupils are not entitled to Pupil Premium funding.

Service Children are allocated £300 per annum

New Siblands will be targeting Communication and Interaction with this funding.

‘Communication is fundamental to children’s development; children need to be able to understand and be understood. Communication is the foundation of relationships and is essential for learning, play and social interaction. ‘

The Communication Trust

The Communication & Interaction strand of the curriculum at New Siblands equips our learners with the skills they need to become adults who can express their needs, preferences and opinions; who feel confident to use their voice and be heard; and who understand the social conventions of communication in different situations.


  • Pupil Premium Pupils will make similar rates of progress as non- pupil premium peers (i.e. Pupils in the same year group)
  • Pupil premium funding will be used to enrich the core curriculum.
  • Interventions to support progress in the curriculum areas of communication and interaction will be the focus of Pupil Premium spending.

Some of the above will be provided through the oversight of a trained speech and language therapist (3 days per week) and targeted specific resources.

Success Criteria

  • PP pupils make similar or better rates of progress in all areas of Communication and Interaction.

Speech & Language Therapist Time

Resource Spending

Resources need to be updated and refreshed in order to deliver a stimulating and motivating differentiated curriculum. Updating resources help pupils to maintain engagement, commit new skills to long-term memory, transfer learnt skills to a new activity and access a heuristic curriculum.

Resource spending covers;

  • Topic theme based differentiated curriculum classroom resources
  • Specific class based interventions (e.g. Attention Autism, Talkabout, Lego Therapy etc)
  • Resources that allow the application of Communication and Interaction skills in the learning environment (e.g play based resources and outdoor learning etc)
  • Specific concrete resources to meet individual needs through a personalised pedagogical approach
  • Resources that support the Speech and Language Therapists interventions being delivered in class by school trained adults
  • Paying staff to stay on for training sessions and resourcing them – PECs and Communication Books, Intensive Interaction, Objects of Reference, Attention Autism


Please note that progress was effected as school shut in March 2020 following a new assessment system being introduced in January 2020. So the progress is measured on 3 months of data.

Data for 34 learners who were Pupil Premium for the whole of the academic year 2019-20.





  • In Communication and Interaction, Pupil Premium Learners make progress at a rate that is broadly in line with that of Non-Pupil Premium Learners on the Achievement and Celebration Pathway.
  • On the Celebration Pathway, in order to make progress better for our PP pupils more pupils need to move from expected to exceeding progress.
  • On the Belonging Pathway, all PP Pupils are making progress, however PP pupils seem to be making emerging progress rather than expected. They will be a priority for the Speech and Language Therapist next academic year.

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