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Welcome to New Siblands School

School routines

•Children arrive at school around 8.55am with registration at 9.00am.
•Mid morning break for outdoor play is between 10.45am and 11.00am.
•Children eat their lunch between 12.00pm and 12.30pm with an outdoor play until 1.00pm.
•A 15 minute break is given for outdoor play between 2.15pm and 2.30pm.
•Children are supervised onto transport between 3.30pm and 3.45pm.


There is a school uniform which we encourage parents to purchase, although this is not compulsory. Parents should ensure that sensible clothing is worn, suitable for the time of the year.

As much as we try to look after the clothing that children wear, items are sometimes lost. It makes it much easier if it labelled to be returned to the appropriate owner.

If children have difficulty dressing, it is important that clothes are easy to remove and have easy ways of fastening.

Swimming Lessons

Those children that have swimming lessons will need to bring a towel and swim wear to school.

PE Kit

In most classes the children will need to have a basic PE Kit. This may include a tracksuit especially when using a trampoline.


Pupils who have pierced ears may wear small studs, otherwise jewellery is not allowed for safety reasons.

Absences, Charges, Procedures and Complaints

We ask that pupils attend as often as they are well enough to do so, in order to gain the greatest benefit from the education of offer.

If your child is unwell or liable to infect others, they should not attend school. If this occurs, you should ring the school secretary or send a message straight away and remember to inform school transport services if necessary. Pupils must bring a note of explanation on their return to school.

All school holiday dates will be given well in advance in the hope that parents will book their holidays out of school time. However, where this is impossible, the permission of the Head Teacher must be sought by letter before the pupil goes on holiday.


The school and Local Education Authority have a policy of not charging parents for any activity which is part of the curriculum.


The staff aim to build up a frank and open relationship with the parents of its pupils, so we hope that any concerns will be dealt with before it reaches the stage where a parent feels it necessary to make a formal complaint.

Initially any problem should be discussed with the class teacher, then the Head Teacher. We would hope that this will resolve the matter. However the Governors have a complaints policy in place and this is available to all parents.

School Meals

All pupils at our school have a lunchtime teaching objective to aid them with learning the mechanics of eating and how to feed themselves. For some of the pupils it is a time when they can practice appropriate social skills during mealtimes.

Most of the pupils eat in the school hall, although some older pupils eat in their classroom as a matter of choice in order to be able to socialise with pupils of their own age. Some pupils with more intimate health needs at lunchtime have their lunch more privately in the Resource Base. School Meals Supervisory Assistants help to deliver the appropriate teaching objective together with the teachers and teaching assistants.

A choice of school meals is available to pupils and making these choices may be an important part of their educational programme.

The meals are cooked on site and cater for all dietary needs including vegetarian and cultural needs. Charges for school meals are specified by the Local Education Authority and parents are informed of this in advance. Dinner money must be sent in to school in advance on a Monday.

Some pupils will be entitled to free school meals if their parent’s income is below a certain level. If you think you qualify for this, please contact the school secretary.

Pupils may bring a packed lunch if they wish.

School Milk
Free school milk is available for children under five.