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Our Aims

Our Aims

To acknowledge and respect the individuality of each pupil, to value every member of the school, local and global community, and to foster within them a respect for others.

To provide pupils with the tools to become effective learners and thinkers and to begin to understand the learning and thinking processes.

To provide pupils with the tools to become increasingly emotionally intelligent.

To develop self-esteem and self-advocacy in all pupils, to increase awareness of their own achievements and how they feel they can improve.

In a curriculum which is well established in National Curriculum and National Initiative terms and which is age appropriate, to enrich and enhance learning through innovation and inclusivity.

To effectively assess pupil performance and set challenging targets in terms of child development to improve pupil attainment through whole school self-evaluative processes.

To ensure that vocational learning supports transition and pupil skills for life.

Through high quality resources and interactive learning environments, to increase the independent learning of pupils.

To work with professionals, parents and carers as partners in children’s education and offer them professional support, information and guidance.

To support and develop the staff’s emotional intelligence and teamworking, thus increasing the efficiency of learning for all pupils.

To develop and sustain close community contacts for the whole school and encourage inclusion across a wide spectrum.