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Speech and Language Therapist

Welcome to the New Siblands Speech and Language Page.

Speech and Language Therapy at New Siblands

New Siblands has bought in Speech and Language Therapy from the NHS for 3 days a week. 2 days will be provided by the NHS core service.

Jane Stonehouse will be the Speech and Language Therapist for New Siblands, covering both sites, working 4 days per week, Monday- Thursday.  Paula Saint will be supporting Jane on a Wednesday.


This is Jane Stonehouse.


This is  Paula Saint.


Speech and Language therapy may include supporting children in the following areas:

  • Developing language and communication skills
  • Developing alternative methods of communication e.g. Makaton signing, communication books, PECS, high tech communication aids etc.
  • Developing social communication skills
  • Developing speech sound production
  • Developing fluency when talking
  • Developing children’s eating and drinking skills and assessing the safety of their swallow

Therapist spend time assessing each child and then jointly set goals with parents and school. Therapy programmes will then be set to meet these goals.

Children may be seen in school individually or in groups by the Speech and Language Therapist or Speech and Language Therapy Assistant, Paula Saint . Programmes of work will also be delivered within the classroom setting under the direction of the therapist.