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Occupational Therapist

Welcome to the New Siblands Occupational Therapy Page.

Occupational Therapy at New Siblands

We currently employ two Occupation Therapists to work collaboratively with the teaching staff,  health or social care staff and other therapists across the school. ​


Clare Haynes and Kathryn Irvine are our school’s Occupation Therapists.

Clare Haynes is based at the Primary Site and Kathryn Irvine at the Secondary. They are in school on a Wednesday for half a day.

Occupational Therapy focuses on how motor, sensory, cognitive and emotional skills can affect a child’s ability to participate in activities of daily living with a focus on a functional difficulty.

Clare and Kathryn work closely with staff to ensure that our children are enabled to participate in occupations which may include: areas of self-care (for example eating a meal); areas of productivity (for example engaging in learning); and leisure (for example playing). ​This can range from completing short observations of the child participating in activities and making basic recommendations (e.g. doing hand warm ups prior to fine motor tasks, providing a​ child who is sensitive to sound with ear defenders); to completing assessments and devising individualised recommendations and programmes  to support them to be at the just right state for learning. This is done in conjunction with liaising with the teaching team to adjust and adapt classroom environments and routines.  Basic Occupational Therapy recommendations and ideas are shared with the parents via the teacher and individualised recommendations and programmes are shared and discussed with parents. ​

A child at New Siblands School may also see different Children’s Occupational Therapists for other reasons:

  • A Community Children’s Occupational Therapist for advice around self care such as toileting, eating and   They also look at supportive seating within school to enable the child to access their learning and to help maintain a good posture.
  • A Social Services Occupational Therapist for home equipment needs and adaptations.