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Welcome to the Primary Site Home Learning Page. 


Theme and Focus

The Theme for Term 6 is ‘The Seaside’

Each week we will focus on an activity linked to this theme.

This will be the same learning that takes place in school for those who access the Phase 2 Emergency Provision. We are keen to ensure there is consistency between home and school learning and do our best to offer similar learning opportunities.


The focus activities for each week are:

Week 1 – Fish 

Week 2- Sand and Shells

Week 3- Ice creams

Week 4- Water and Rock pools

Week 5- Ocean and Sea creatures

Week 6- A day at the Beach


Primary site endeavour to send out the weekly activities to your child on a Monday and these will be based upon the Theme for the term and focus of the week.

Activities will be selected specifically to suit your child’s needs and staff will personalise activities for them. We have a wonderful team of support staff who can also help from home.  They will provide ideas for resources, personalise activities and support us with weekly calls. You may hear from them occasionally, as opposed to the class teacher.

We will offer online links to some of the activities that we will be sending out. It is important to note that as the learning is very personalised  for your child, we will be unable to post all activities on this page. These learning activities will be emailed directly to you by the class teacher.