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Home Learning

Resources for Home Learning during COVID19 will be posted here.

For specific resources and activities for your child please click on the button for Primary Site or Secondary Site depending on where your child would usually attend.

Our YouTube Channel can be found by clicking on the YouTube button.

Evidence for Learning

Teachers will continue to access the Evidence for Learning App.

If you prefer to share your child’s learning or extra- curricular activities on this App,  then we invite you to continue doing this as we also enjoy seeing them and great to share learning experiences between home and school.



We would like to thank you for your ongoing support, particularly at this challenging time, and for your ongoing partnership in meeting your child’s needs as fully as possible.

We are aware that these are challenging times for us all and want to emphasise that there is no pressure to complete the activities we send home. Our priority is the safety and happiness of your children and any additional learning they complete at home is a great. We will work with you and offer support in the best way possible.


Therapists- Speech and Language Therapist 

We are extremely lucky to have our speech and language therapist, Jane Stonehouse who works Monday- Thursday and she will be contactable to provide any additional  support (via virtual support email, telephone, video call) within areas such as:

  • Developing language and communication skills
  • Developing alternative methods of communication e.g. Makaton signing, communication books, PECS, high tech communication aids etc.
  • Developing social communication skills
  • Developing speech sound production
  • Developing fluency when talking
  • Developing children’s eating and drinking skills and assessing the safety of their swallow

Should you wish to speak with Jane please let the class teacher know in the first instance and they can liaise with her to contact you.


Therapists- Occupational Therapists 

We have acquired Occupational Therapist services at New Siblands for 1 day a week. Clare Haines and Kathryn Irvine are the Occupational Therapists. Their services are still continuing and they have contacted all families who they have on their active caseload to see if they require any additional support virtually via email, phone or video call.

Occupational Therapy focuses on how motor, sensory, cognitive and emotional skills can affect a child’s ability to participate in daily activities , with a focus on a functional difficulty.

Clare and Kathryn work closely with staff to ensure that our children can participate in occupations which may include: areas of self-care (for example eating a meal); areas of productivity (for example engaging in learning); and leisure (for example playing). ​This can range from completing short observations of the child participating in activities and making basic recommendations (e.g. doing hand warm ups prior to fine motor tasks, providing a​ child who is sensitive to sound with ear defenders); to completing assessments and devising individualised recommendations and programmes  to support them to be at the right state for learning.

Due to COVID-19 these activities are more challenging to complete and Clare and Kate may be able to have discussions with you and give some basic Occupational Therapy suggestions. More detailed observations and recommendations can be done in the new academic year when we hope we will be able to welcome more students back to school and begin to get back into normal routine.


Therapists- Physiotherapists 

Physiotherapists allocated to New Siblands are Sarah Padwick and Sian Beesley. They have made contact with the families of the pupils who they have on their active case load. They have arranged for pupils to have access of their specialist equipment ,currently kept in school,  to use at home. Physiotherapy focuses on how muscles, joints and pain can affect physical skills, posture and walking,  leading to a functional difficulty. Physiotherapy is delivered by setting joint goals with parents and/or school. During COVID-19 they are able to provide virtual support via phone, email and video call.



Some pupils are seen during the school year at our Orthotic clinics for the provision of boots, insoles, splints and helmets. Until clinics resume in school, if your child need a review of any of their current orthotic items, please inform your child’s class teacher and contact the Orthotic Department directly either by emailing orthotics@nbt.nhs.uk or telephone 0117 414 4900.


Vision and Hearing Support 

We have external support from Miranda Pole (Vision) and Rachel Coleman ( Hearing)

They both have pupils on their active caseload who they see at specific times during the school year. They have made contact with these families to offer virtual support, if required. Should you require any additional support due to a change in your child’s vision or hearing,  please inform your child’s class teacher who will make the appropriate introduction to these specialists and ask them to contact you.


Questions or concerns 

Should you have any questions or queries please speak with your child’s class teacher in the first instance. Hazel Sinclair, Margarita Steer and Carrie Osmond (Headteacher) are also contactable by ringing the school.