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FONSS – Projects

Eye Gaze

In the year 2012/2013, FONSS fundraising was focused on raising money to purchase Eye Gaze equipment. EyeGaze allows children to control educational computer games, giving insight into the extent of their cognition.

“My daughter Sarah was given a successful trial with some Eyegaze equipment at school. As she watched the computer screen an arrow would appear at the point where her gaze was.

She was alert and interested and even at that early stage showed a preference for one game to another. They were quite simple, colourful games with clear sounds and Sarah had good eye contact which can be quite difficult for her. She did get tired easily, probably due to concentrating so hard.
Since then, she has been using eye gaze equipment regularly in class and we are hoping that eventually she will be able to use it to communicate with us, which would be amazing!”

Wendy Britten (photos to follow)

Playground Equipment

Fundraising for the year 2013/2014 will be focused on providing playground equipment at primary and secondary sites.

More details to follow.


FONSS will be helping the school purchase a green house.

More details to follow.