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The E Safety Group

The E Safety Group is made up from people across the school community, who all bring a unique set of skills and experiences to the group. We are always looking to expand, so if you would like to join us then please get in touch!


Hazel Sinclair

Hazel is the Safeguarding Lead at school and teaches on our primary site. “As the Safeguarding Lead I am all too aware of the many dangers that the online world poses. Not all of these dangers are in the places that many would expect, online games for example, and I want to help students and parents/guardians learn about these so that they can protect themselves.”

Craig Tucker

Craig is a teacher at our secondary site and a bit of a tech wiz and had this to say about E Safety; “Technology has changed so much in my life time and it is great at making the world accessible to our students, in ways that they never used to be able to. I think that making sure they know how to engage with a rapidly changing technological world in a way that keeps them safe is really important!”

Claire Gaynor

Claire is a Learning Support Assistant on our secondary site who takes a special interest in social media because of her own family. “I have a teenage boy at home, who experiences issues on social media. I feel it is important that our students are supported as they navigate through the online social world.”

Natalie Perrett

Natalie is a Teaching Assistant on our primary site who feels that the issues relating to E Safety is something that all families face. “I know more and more of our students have access to tablets and phones etc. and while they bring their advantages I know that many of our families struggle with some of their downfalls for example the way that students can become obsessed with them. I want to help families access all of the benefits while supporting them to manage the downfalls.”