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Term 1

English – I will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child

This term we will be learning through the beloved children’s characters Charlie and Lola as we explore how Charlie gets Lola to eat foods she does not like. 

Some pupils will be retelling the story with a change and writing instructions on how to make their favourite foods. Others will be ordering the story and pretending to be Charlie and Lola as they retell the story. 

We will be also reading weekly. Some of us will use a reading scheme with levelled books and others will use the See and Learn scheme. See and Learn supports pupils who learn through sight reading before introducing them to a reading scheme. 

Silver class also love going to the dough disco to warm up our hands and brains for writing. We then practice our letter formation, sentence dictation and punctuation in class weekly. This compliments our scissor skills and fine motor skills that we practice weekly. 

Maths  – Number – Place Value

This term we are focusing on place value. This involves identifying numerals, ordering numbers, reading and writing numbers, number songs, counting and making sets. We will use a variety of practical resources to help us learn (100 squares, counting bears, number cards etc). Each member of Silver Class will be working on personalised targets to help them prepare for life long learning. 

Below is a song that we are singing to start our maths lessons. You want to sing this with your child at home. 

Topic  – Food Around the World

We will explore our topic through the activities below and more;

  • Tasting and making different world foods
  • Finding different countries on a map of the world
  • Exploring flags from the different countries
  • Healthy eating as part of science
  • Naming, signing and sorting foods 
  • Food songs
  • Sensory music 
  • Art actvities – fruit and veg printing, making faces out of food etc.
  • Expressing likes and dislikes
  • Personal hygiene and staying healthy

We will also look at New beginnings and class rules as part of our start to a new school year. 

Other Events

  • Wednesday – we are swimming this term. Please ensure a kit is sent in each week. We will send it home to be washed and dried. 
  • Outside learning will usually take place on a Friday. We have two special visits from Jane Gulliver on Tuesday 17th and Tuesday 24th September to do some special outside learning. 
  • Harvest festival will take place this term. Look out for further information in the home school diary.