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Term 2


In Term 2, we will continue our fun topic of Classtonbury.  Students will continue to practice mindfulness and yoga, develop skills whilst making a variety of different crafts and practice their musical talent and listening skills through drumming sessions.  A highlight will be enjoying some live music and dancing at our mini festival for Children in Need too.


This term in Maths, students will explore shape, space and measure.  We will focus on identifying and describing shapes, sorting them and using them to create pictures and repeating patterns.  Some students will also practice the vocabulary of positions such as in, on, under, next to, in front and behind.  Some students will develop their understanding of time and learn to read analogue clocks as well as learning to recognise coins and use money to purchase items.

We will wake ourselves up so we are ready to start each Maths lesson by dancing along to this Dancing Shapes song by Pink Fong.



In addition to our regular reading skills, clever fingers and mark making practice, students will engage with the story ‘I know a shy fellow who swallowed a cello’ Students will be encouraged to explore onomatopeia as they think of the different sounds instruments make, as well as experimenting with rhyming words.  This fun song will encourage students to remember key phrases and predict the next part of the story.  


This term Sapphire class will be working with our specialist teacher, Jane, for their P.E. lessons.  Students will have the opportunity to develop a range of skills from balancing, kicking, throwing and jumping as well as following rules of simple warm up games.  This is also a great opportunity for them to practice getting themselves dressed as independently as possible too.



In term 2, students in all classes in Primary Wing and Secondary will enjoy Rainbow Time on Friday afternoons.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students to engage in activities with students from other classes.  Some students will  be encouraged to use their imagination as they explore small world toys, others will expand their creativity as they use junk for modelling.  Some students will build on their social skills as they play a variety of board games and others will enjoy a musical afternoon.