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Term 1


This term our overall topic is Classtonbury.  During this topic students will learn about Glasstonbury festival and explore the various areas of the festival.  Their learning will include learning about the musical and dance performances, circus skills, relaxation and meditation fields, crafts and much more.  This will be a fun, hands on practical topic to explore.


We will start the year with a focus on number work.  This will include practicing our rote counting, number recognition, sequencing numbers and counting objects.  Children will practice these skills through number songs, games, using manipulatives and exploring the school environment.  We will always be looking for ways to apply and practice these skills throughout the day too, for example counting as we tidy up building bricks, counting the chairs as they put them out for assembly or reading the date each day. 



Our focus book for the term is PUNK FARM by Jarrett J. Krosoczka.  This is a fun story about a group of farm animals who wait for the farmer to go to sleep, before practicing and performing to an awesome crowd.  This book will provide opportunities for the students to develop their reading, matching and signing skills when identifying key characters and their instruments.  New characters can be added into the story as we extend ideas and rewrite parts of the book.  Some students will even change the setting and try writing a PUNK Z00 story instead.  It is a wonderful story for exploring onomatopoeia and the sounds of all the different animals too.

In addition to enjoying our class text, students will have regular opportunities to develop their fine motor skills using their clever finger activities and will engage in regular reading group activities too, in which they will practice their letter knowledge and word recognition through a range of games and practical activities.  Each week we will have the opportunity to reflect on the previous week’s learning too, using photos of their activities as a stimulus for great discussions and writing. 



Students in Sapphire class will participate in regular ‘Bucket’ sessions which is a fun and engaging intervention to improve student’s focus and concentration.



We aim to do a little P.E. most days to help develop student’s awareness of their body, develop their coordination and improve their gross motor skills.  Each short session consists of a fun and lively warm up, skill development and then a stretch and cool down.

Outdoor Learning:

We aim to spend at least 1 session of learning each week in our wonderful outdoor area.  Students can apply so much of their literacy and numeracy skills when working outdoors, and outdoor activities provide a fantastic opportunity to develop social skills and regulate their emotions.  We be outdoors in all weather conditions so please send in some wellies to be kept in school and ensure your child has a suitable coat, gloves and hat on colder days.