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Emerald Class is situated on the secondary site and takes a very sensory and interactive approach to learning, meeting physical as well as cognitive needs.

There are spaces for physiotherapy, relaxation and art.  We value routines and learn through repetition and familiarity, with days of the weeks songs, musical cues for transitions, objects of reference and a variety of communication tools.

We offer TACPAC, massage, sensory music and PE sessions, as well as one to one therapies like physio.

We are still able to continue our wide curriculum, despite covid, by giving the children dedicated individual sets of resources and equipment.

We are full of fun and love to learn!

There is a high staff ratio, from a really experienced team, to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

Nicola Moss – Class Teacher and PMLD Teaching Lead

Tracey Downman and Nicky Lanfear – Teaching Assistants

Lorraine Sayer – Learning Support Assistant

Kelly Bryant, Kellie Gibson-Perry, Elaine Little, Brenda Jeal, Maddie Dunn – Care Assistants


Please follow the links to our learning pages for each term.