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Welcome to Blue Class!

After a long time apart, we are really looking forward to getting back together and restart our learning journey.

We will be focusing a lot of the start of the academic year on feeling safe in school, relearning routines and washing our hands carefully.

Meet the team

At New Siblands, we have an incredible team to support your children. Here is the team in Blue Class who will be working with your child every day:

We will also be seeing other professionals, such as Jane Stonehouse (speech and language therapist) and Jane Hawkes (PE specialist) as well as other specialists who are able to meet the needs of our students. This will be done in the most Covid-safe way possible. You will be informed of any input these professionals may have. Please see the section of our website about other professionals for more information about these specialists.

Weekly Timetable

Throughout the week, we aim to cover the different areas of the EHCP. Below is an overview of opportunities given to do this, with a termly break down given in more detail. 

Maths: Students will be working on personalised number and shape targets, as well as taking part in maths songs and sensory activities. We aim to have 2-3 maths skills activities per week, in addition to child-led learning opportunities.



English: In our English sessions, students will have the opportunity to learn mark making skills, reading and matching skills in See and Learn and learn new vocabulary through stories, songs and Makaton signing.



Physical development: We will provide lots of opportunities for our students to improve their physical development, as well as achieve their goals as set out by their EHCP targets. In PE, outdoor learning and outdoor play, students will learn to climb safely and develop their gross motor skills as well as learning body awareness. In funky fingers, students will be given the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills through fun, engaging tasks at the start of each morning. We will also be providing sensory diet equipment for children to prepare themselves for learning.

Unfortunately, swimming will not be able to happen due to current Covid restrictions; this decision has been made with the safety of children and staff in mind. We are constantly reviewing this decision and will let you know of any changes.

Communication and interaction: Through the use of the ‘Attention Autism’ programme (often referred to as ‘Bucket’) children will be taught to sustain attention, learn new vocabulary and take turns. The children will also be taught to use PECS and communication boards as appropriate to them in order to develop their communication skills throughout the day.



Independence: We want our students to be as independent as possible. We teach the skills for this, such as building communication skills, following timetables and creating opportunities to ‘problem solve’.

Social, emotional and mental health: Students are encouraged to express their feelings in as many appropriate ways as possible. They may do this through the use of sensory diet or PECS to communicate their needs.


Please follow the links to our learning pages for each term.