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A new year in Post 16

Welcome back everyone.  We hope you had a great summer and are feeling ready for a new year in Post 16.

We welcome Chloe and Steph to the student group and look forward to their contributions.

Over the year we will be running two accredited courses from ASDAN:  Towards Independence & Personal Progress.  We will also run the AQA unit award scheme.  There will be the usual focus on preparing for life beyond school and students will take part in activities such as work experience, college visits and life skills work.

In Term 1 will be working on recognising everyday signs in the community e.g. emergency exit, and also providing personal information e.g. filling out forms.  Life Skills will include using money and meal preparation.  The sensory curriculum will include hydrotherapy, sensory stories and music.


Monday 5th October   Post 16 Transition Show

Time TBC

There will be representatives and information from a range of settings where students may want to go when they leave New Siblands.  This will be an excellent starting point for students and parents to consider the range of options available.

We hope that all parents will take the opportunity to attend.

Bridgette, Carrie & the Post 16 team