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Term 3

The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water – By Gemma Merino

Silver class will be learning through a fantastic story about a crocodile who just doesn’t like water. Even though he tries and tries his best to be like his brothers and sisters, he finds he has different but just as important skills. We will explore the story using role play, Makaton signs and sensory objects. Some pupils will write their own stories with a beginning, middle and end. Whilst others will name characters and order events.  Other pupils still will match objects to pictures and join in with a retelling using sound buttons or the Eyegaze.  

Each week we will practice our fine motor skills by visiting the dough disco and doing topic based fine and gross motor skill activities. We continue using a reading approach called See&Learn to start our pupils off on their reading, which then progresses into a reading scheme. We try and read twice a week with each pupil.

Attention Autism (bucket) will continue daily for most pupils. Some pupils will take part in phonics groups to support their reading and writing skills. 

Maths – Number

This term our maths will focus on the number aspect of our new curriuclum for those working on a non-national curriulum pathway. This will involve lots of maths in cross curricular lessons and be linked to our topic of Awesome Egyptians. We will be counting, sharing, sorting and recognising numbers using a variety of objects, songs and dances. 

For those working at the National Curriculum pathway, they will be focusing on the four number operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will be doing this practically and also start using number sentences with symbols and in our own writing. 

Please find below one of our warm up songs that your pupil might like to listen to at home.

Topic – Awesome Egyptians

Sensory Learners will;

  • Explore pyramid sensory box
  • Explore sensory River Nile
  • Find and choose animals that live in River Nile
  • Take part in an archaeological dig 
  • Build Egytpian structures with a variety of different materials
  • Sensory music based on The Nile
  • Explore different perfumes used by the Egyptians
  • Make and play with mud bricks
  • Create a Nile garden
  • Explore different movements in PE linked to Egyptians
  • Take part in an Egypt theme Attention Autism
  • Visit the Museum

Pre-formal learners will…

  • Take part in non-fiction work linked to fact files and ordering the process of mummification
  • Mummifying an action man
  • Create cartouches out of clay
  • Mark make hieroglyphics 
  • Create mummies by wrapping each other in toilet roll
  • Make Egyptian jewellery 
  • Create paper plate landscapes 
  • Build pyramids from different materials
  • Explore properties of materials for building
  • Make and learn about scarab beetles
  • Create a Nile garden and flood to show how fertile the soil is
  • Make their own Tutankhamun mask with paper strips
  • Take part in an Egypt theme Attention Autism
  • Explore travelling in PE – moving across different surfaces e.g. sand, Nile, Pyramids
  • Plan and discover different celebrations 
  • Visit the Museum

National Curriculum learners will…

  • Write non-fiction reports on different Gods and other Egyptian topics
  • Create their name in hieroglyphics using a key
  • Write insturctions for mummifying an action man
  • Recount of visit to the Museum
  • Explore properties of materials and their uses in Egypt
  • Make a range of pyramids using different media
  • Take part in Talkabout and Egyptian themed phonics
  • Explore Egyptian creation story and think about how we were created
  • Visit the Museum

Addtional Information

  • Hydrotherapy continues on a Tuesday afternoon for those that have it in Silver class. 
  • Rebound therapy will continue on a Wednesday afternoon if your child has this.
  • On Thursday afternoons, Jane, the PE specialist, will be taking our class for PE. Please ensure your child has a fitting kit in school.  Christ the King school will join us as part of inclusive PE. 
  • On a Wednesday morning, Silver class will be swimming. Please send kits in ready.
  • Silver Class will be using the outdoor learning area on a Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon – we will be using forest skills to explore our new curriculum. 
  • Primay wing rainbow time will happen on a Friday morning. I will let you know what your child does using the home/school diary.