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Term 2

English – The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

This term, Silver Class, will be exploring The Gruffalo using a sensory approach and Makaton signs. We will learn about the characters and events of the story through art, role play and music. Some children will use tactile sensory activities to help name objects, while also developing their communication skills. Others will trace letters from the story, order the events and make up their own version of the Gruffalo. Whilst others still will be exploring adjectives, writing instructions for making Gruffalo crumble and making wanted posters. Check out the link below to the official Gruffalo website for games and activities for your child.


Each week we will practice our fine motor skills by visiting the dough disco. After we have warmed up our hands we will do handwriting, hand dominance activities and fine motor skills activities. We also use a reading approach called See&Learn to start our pupils off on their reading, which then progresses into a reading scheme. See&Learn will happen at least twice a week. 

Maths – Shape, Space and Measure

This term our maths will focus on shape, space and measure aspect of our new curriuclum for those working on a non-national curriulum pathway. This will involve using mathematical reasoning and investigation to solve shape and measure problems. Recognising, matching and sorting shapes and objects by colour and other factors.

For those working at the National Curriculum pathway, they will be focusing on 2D and 3D shapes and measuring using standard units for length, capacity and mass. 

Please find below one of our warm up songs that your child might like to listen to at home.

Maths helps our students understand the world around them and we always try to make it as engaging as possible. It is really useful to let us know about your child’s interests as we can incorporate these into our lessons. Drop a note into the home school diary letting us know. 

Topic – Fur and Fangs

Sensory Learners will;

  • Mark making in variety of Gruffalo based materials and environments (deep dark woods, mud, animal gloop)
  • Explore animal songs and switches with animal sounds
  • Touch animals using Zoolab
  • Learn kindness towards animals in pet therapy
  • Visit a farm
  • Make animal prints with a variety of media
  • Take part in multi sensory animal PE 
  • Explore a sensory box for textures of different animals
  • Take part in music therapy linked to animal songs and sounds

Pre-formal learners will…

  • Make animal puppets (DT/Art)
  • Create a snowy and a desert scene using cold/hot colours and silhouette of animals that live there (Art/Gegraphy)
  • Explore tactile pictures (Art/Science)
  • Identify and name common animals  (Science)
  • Describe and compare the structure of a variety of common animals  (Science)
  • Exore Habitats (Science/Geography)
  • Learn which animals produce food e.g. milk, meats etc (Science/Geography)
  • Learn about animals in hot and cold countries (e.g. arctic and desert) (Geography)
  • Visit a farm and watch cows being milked (Geography)
  • Record and play sounds animals make using i-pads and internet searches (ICT)
  • Touch animals using Zoolab (Science/PHSE)
  • Partake in animal themed PE (PE)
  • Learn about animal care and being kind to animals (PHSE)
  • Take part in pet therapy (PHSE/English)
  • Understanding when we are happy/sad and that our pets can be too (PHSE)
  • Create an animal soundscape (Music/PHSE)
  • Animal themed Attention Autism sessions (Bucket)

National Curriculum learners will…

As above plus;

  • Plan, make and evaulate animal puppets (DT/Art)
  • Identify similarities and differences with animals in hot and cold countries (e.g. arctic and desert) (Geography/Science)
  • Explore which animals are extinct and why it happened (History) 
  • Take part in animal themed phonics (English)
  • Copy, describe and record animal noises (Music/ICT)
  • Link animal noises to correct animals (Music/ICT)
  • Explore the similarities and differences between animals moods and our moods (PHSE/Science
  • Investigate what relaxes us and what makes us stressed (PHSE)

Addtional Information

  • Hydrotherapy continues on a Tuesday for those that have it in Silver class. 
  • Rebound therapy will continue on a Wednesday afternoon if your child has this.
  • On Thursday afternoons, Jane, the PE specialist, will be taking our class for PE. Please ensure your child has a fitting kit in school.  Christ the King school will join us as part of inclusive PE. 
  • Silver Class will be swimming in terms 3 and 4 this year.
  • Silver Class will be using the outdoor learning area on a Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon – we will be using forest skills to explore our new curriculum. 
  • Primay wing rainbow time will happen on a Friday morning. I will let you know what your child does using the home/school diary.