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Term 1

English – The Enormous Turnip

This term, Silver Class, will be exploring the much loved story of The Enormous Turnip using a sensory approach and Makaton signs. We learn about the characters and events of the story through art and puppet role play too. Some children will use sensory activities to help name characters objects, while also developing their communication skills. Others will match words, follow instructions and order the events of the story. Whilst others still will be writing captions and making up their own version of The Enormous Turnip. 

We will celebrate our learning with a Primary Wing Picnic based around The Enormous Turnip in the last week of term. 

Every Friday, we will pratice our fine motor skills by visiting the dough disco. After we have warmed up our hands we will do handwriting and fine motor skills activities. 

Maths – Number

This term our maths will focus on number, which could include place value, adding & subtraction, multiplication & division and fractions. Please find below one of our warm up songs that your child might like to listen to at home.

Some children will be learning through number rhymes and songs with a sensory approach. Others will be using different resources to count, order and make sets of objects. While others still will be learning about half and quarters through turns, shapes and sharing. Maths helps our students understand the world around them and we always try to make it as engaging as possible. It is really useful to let us know about your child’s interests as we can incorporate these into our lessons. Drop a note into the home school diary letting us know. 

Topic – How are you?

What makes us healthy? We are going to find out because we want to do all that we can to stay healthy.

Pupils will find out about things such as:

  • Makaton signs for the senses
  • What our different senses are
  • How food, exercise and sleep help keep us healthy
  • What happens when we are ill
  • How germs get into our bodies
  • People who help us stay healthy
  • People who discovered diseases and their cures
  • Diseases from the past
  • Why it is harder for people in poorer countries to stay healthy.

Science – Senses

Our science topic will be taught on a Wednesday when Heather teaches us. It fits beautifully into our main topic of How Are You? Our class will explore their senses and also learn scientific enquiry skills alongside this. 

Addtional Information

  • We will let you know when your child is doing hydrotherapy, if they have it, through the home school diary. 
  • Rebound therapy will be on a Wednesday afternoon if your child has this, starting Wednesday 12th September. 
  • On Thursday afternoons, Jane, the PE specialist, will be taking our class for PE. Please ensure your child has a fitting kit in school. In Term 2, Christ the King school will join us as part of inclusive PE. 
  • Silver Class will be swimming in terms 3 and 4 this year.