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Term 6


In term 6, Ruby class will continue to read the book ‘The Busy Tree.’  They will think about the impact it would have on the animals in the busy tree, if we cut down too many trees.  Students will also think about plastic pollution in our oceans and do some factual writing based on this.  Some students will continue learning simple songs and rhymes focusing on trees, woodland animals and oceans.

Students discussing and writing about activities they have done in school and will have lots of opportunities to share news about upcoming school trips. Students will also have regular opportunities to practice their reading, handwriting and fine motor skills, including using their clever finger activities.




In Term 6 students will work on comparing sizes such as big and small, long and short. Some will also begin to measure using standard and non standard units of measurement too. Students will then finish off the year by revisiting their number skills, recapping on counting, reading and writing numbers, addition and subtraction.   



This term’s topic is The Environment.  Students will think about  how we are damaging different environments and consider what we can do to help protect different environments.  They will particularly focus on Plastic pollution and cutting down trees.  Students will have the opportunity to go on a couple of trips to experience first hand different environments and maybe have the opportunity to help pick up litter that is polluting them too. 


Horse Riding

This term, most students in Ruby class will go horse riding every Wednesday afternoon at Avon Riding Centre. It is the perfect term for peaceful woodland walks admiring the bluebells.


Outdoor Learning

Ruby class will focus on growing plants during our outdoor learning.  Every student will take responsibillity to care for their sunflower seeds.  As a classs, we will also grow strawberries for us to enjoy and wild flowers for the wildlife to enjoy.


Makaton Choir

Songs is a fantastic way of learning new Makaton signs and practicing known signs too.  Every Friday afternoon the secondary students meet to learn to sign to popular songs.


Useful Dates:

Sports day – Thursday 27th June

Summer fair – Sunday 30th June