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Term 5


In term 5, Ruby class will focus on the book ‘The Busy Tree.’  This lovely rhyming story explores all the different animals that live in the tree and helps us understand why trees are so important.  Students will focus on identifying the different animals in the story and will create simple and complex descriptive sentences about them.  Students will practice labelling pictures as well as matching different rhyming words.  We will also learn simple songs and rhymes focussing on trees and woodland animals.


Students will also continue to have regular opportunities to practice their reading, handwriting and fine motor skills, including using their clever finger activities.



In Term 5 our main focus will be prepositions, size and directions.  To link in with our new topic, some students will look at ordering natural items by size or length, such as sticks, trees, birds and feathers.  Many student will practice understanding and using prepositions to describe the position of animals.  Some student will extend their learning to describe how to get from one place to another, using turns and forward movements.



Our new topic this term is ‘Environments.’   After an initial introduction to Earth, students will learn about 3 key environments; woodlands, rivers and the sea. Students will explore what each environment is like, which animals live in that habitat, whilst observing similarities and differences between them. 



Horse Riding

This term, most students in Ruby class will go horse riding every Wednesday afternoon at Avon Riding Centre. It is the perfect term for peaceful woodland walks admiring the bluebells.


Outdoor Learning

Ruby class will focus on growing plants during our outdoor learning.  Every student will take responsibillity to care for their sunflower seeds.  As a classs, we will also grow strawberries for us to enjoy and wild flowers for the wildlife to enjoy.


Makaton Choir

Songs is a fantastic way of learning new Makaton signs and practicing known signs too.  Every Friday afternoon the secondary students meet to learn to sign to popular songs.