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Term 3


In term 3, we will read and respond to the story of Katie and the Starry Night, by James Mayhew.  This story links beautifully with our new topic of Artists, by introducing the work of Vincent Van Gogh. Students will work collaboratively to produce art work related to the story.  Students will practice retelling and sequencing the story, using Makaton to support their retelling.  They will also practice matching, reading and writing key words from the story.  Some students will practice basic research skills, such as using titles, contents, headings and captions, as they find out interesting facts about our focus artists. There will also be opportunities produce their own factual writing too. 

In addition to linking work to our terms story and Artists topic, students will also have regular opportunities to practice their reading, handwriting and fine motor skills, including regular use of our clever finger activities and weekly handwriting dance. 






In Term 3, our main focus will be on shape and space.  Students will practice identifying basic 2D or 3D shapes and sorting them into categories according to their shape, size or colour.  We will also explore our school and outdoor environment, searching for shapes in our everyday lives. Some students will learn about fractions, finding halves and quarters of shapes, and making quarter and half turns too.




This term our main topic will be Artists.  There will be lots of practical opportunities to try out a variety of art techniques, particularly based on the work of Van Gogh, Matisse and Pollock.  Students will be encouraged to reflect, compare and give opinions on famous masterpieces as well as learn some interesting facts about famous artists.




We will go to swim at Bradley Stoke pool every Wednesday morning this term.  Please ensure students bring their swim clothes and towel to school each week.  Some students will  also continue to follow their hydrotherapy programme on Tuesday mornings too.


Outdoor Learning

Ruby class will have access to our Outdoor Learning area every Thursday afternoon.  We can provide waterproof clothing but ask that you please provide students with welly boots and warm clothing such as scarves, hats and gloves. 


Makaton Choir

Songs is a fantastic way of learning new Makaton signs and practicing known signs too.  Every Friday afternoon the secondary students meet to learn to sign to popular songs.