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Term 1


In term 1, we will be reading and responding to the story ‘Dragon Stew’ by Steve Smallman and Lee Wildish.  This fun story follows the journey of 5 Vikings who decide to “Catch a dragon, then tie it to a wagon. Then take it home and chop it up and make a dragon stew.”  Unfortunately their adventure doesn’t quite go to plan. Students will explore the story through a variety of activities including role play, sequencing, retelling of the story and exploring sensory objects linked to the story. They will also develop their vocabulary as they learn to read and recognise many key words from the story as well as corresponding Makaton signs.  Some children will use adjectives to describe characters and practice using Capital letters when writing their names, as well as exploring different writing features including lists and captions.



We will spend the first term developing our number skills, including place value, addition and subtraction and multiplication and division.  Students will practice rote counting as well as counting objects and making sets using a variety of practical resources. Music is a great way to aid the memory, so we will begin each Maths lesson with a song. You can hear this terms song by clicking the link below.  Some students will learn to recognise numerals while others will be practicing writing numerals and reading number words.  Some students will be solving number problems and starting to apply their understanding in real life contexts.   



Our topic this term is ‘Viking Invasion.’ We will begin by learning what everyday life was like for the Vikings; Where did they live? What did they eat? What did they wear? What did they learn at school? How did they entertain themselves?  We will then move on to find out about their journey across the seas and how they fought battles.  Students will engage in many hands on activities to help bring this exciting part of history to life.