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Welcome to the RED Class
All the children in our class are in their first year of school and are settling in really well.

Our teachers are Rachel (Monday – Wednesday) and Lynn (Thursday – Friday) 
Our teaching assistants are Nuala, Lucy and Lucy
Our carer is Puy

In the RED class the children learn through play. We carefully tailor our activities to meet the needs and interests of our children.

By playing in the different areas of our classroom the children are able to experience a huge range of different activities including building train tracks, role playing different household tasks, using the interactive whiteboard, painting and drawing, puzzles, construction, exploring musical instruments and many more.

We have a fantastic outdoor area which we share with the Gillingstool Reception children, here our class can play with sand and water, ride bikes and scooters, use the ball pit, roleplay in the play house all while interacting and making friends with our Gillingstool friends.


Please follow the links to our learning pages for each term.