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Term 3

Term 3 overview (please click on the link to see an overview of Term 3)

Term 3

ASDAN Personal Progress Accreditation will be included across the timetable via the Evidence for Learning App.

ASDAN units covered this term:

  • Keeping Safe
  • Participating in sporting activities
  • Workright

AQA Accreditation this term will be looking at college beyond school, and Environmental Studies where the students will be finding out about some of their local wildlife and charities connected with that.

All students take part in work experience this term and we have many exciting links established.

  • Tesco
  • Julian House Charity Shop
  • Thornbury Garden Shop
  • Butties
  • We also have a new placement at Grace Care home and everyone is looking forward to this new link.

Meal prep will be on a weekly basis where the students will plan, shop and prepare their own lunch. We have two groups, Introductory Chefs and Progression Chefs

We are also lucky to be continuing our Orchestra work with Jonathan Westrup. We are practising for a performance with Students from Culverhill School.

Kat, Bridgette, Lynn and the Post 16 Team