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Welcome to Post 16

Preparing for Adulthood

The Post 16 curriculum helps to prepare students socially, emotionally, academically and vocationally for some of the challenges they may face through the period of change and adjustment as they are entering the adult world.

The curriculum is planned over a 3 year cycle using two ASDAN schemes: ‘Personal Progress’ (an Entry level qualification) and ‘Towards Independence’ and accompanied by the AQA unit award scheme.  Some students will also undertake ASDAN Short Course in English.

The curriculum is designed to guide students through the following pathways:

  • Employment
  • Health
  • Independent Living
  • Community

The learning involved is personalised to meet each individual’s needs and interests. Students will work towards gaining accreditation for all of the units and modules they complete.  Within Personal Progress pupils gain credits to achieve an Award, Certificate or Diploma Qualification.  This can be continued beyond school as many Further Education Colleges are using the same accreditation system.

As well as covering basic English and Maths functional skills, personal and social development and vocational skills through the curriculum, all students will have opportunities to experience work activities within school e.g. in the Rainbow Café or at Stay & Play.  Most students will also undertake a work experience placement in the community.  Independent travel training is provided (where appropriate), and visits to a range of Post 19 provisions are undertaken.

Some students will access therapeutic and other specialised activities and interventions to support their individual needs.

Families with students who are in Post 16 will be starting to think about life beyond school.

Jonathan Troy is our Careers and Transitions Adviser who works in school on Tuesdays.  Please feel free to contact him anytime.

email: jonathantroysen@googlemail.com Tel: 07401 959 559

We are also starting to create a transition page to support students and their families through the process of identifying their next step, click the button below for more information.






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