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Welcome to the New Siblands Physiotherapy Page.


Physiotherapists from North Bristol NHS Trust regularly visit school to see children who have been referred to our service. We like to work collaboratively with parents and invite you to contact us to arrange a convenient time to meet at school to review your child’s strengths, progress and needs together. We also welcome phone calls and emails from parents and carers if coming into school is difficult for you. For more information on our service visit: https://www.nbt.nhs.uk/cchp/explore-cchp/childrens-physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is delivered by setting joint goals with parents and/or school. Therapy programmes are then set to meet these goals. We also assess children for supportive standing and walking equipment where it is required and arrange provision for this via the NHS.

If you have concerns about your child’s motor skills and they are not currently known to our service then you can request a referral via your Paediatrician, GP or the school health nurse.


  • Tel: 01454 86 24 36


Orthotics clinic

  • Run on the first Thursday morning of the month by an Orthotist from North Bristol NHS Trust.
  • For provision of boots, insoles, splints and helmets
  • Contact your child’s class and ask them to leave a message for the Physiotherapist if you think that their Orthotics need to be reviewed
  • To check on provision of Orthotics you can contact the orthotics department directly on 0300 300 0110. They are now based at Highwood Pavillions in Patchway (at the Enablement Centre, Cribbs Causeway near to Jump softplay centre)

Orthopaedic clinic

  • Run annually in school with Mr Guy Atherton, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.
  • If your child has orthopaedic needs outside of the annual clinic, they can be reviewed in one of the clinics run at Patchway Hub or Bristol Children’s Hospital.


  • Hydrotherapy and Aqua Therapy sessions are run in the school pool by school staff on a Tuesday for children who are identified as having a clinical need for it.
  • Children on the Physiotherapy caseload who require a hydrotherapy program will have a program written by a Physiotherapist who will teach school staff how to deliver the program.