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Our Sensory Curriculum

The Sensory Studio

We are very lucky to have a state of the art sensory studio on both theSensory Studio Primary and Secondary sites. The studio boasts the latest technology enables pupils to have a multi-sensory learning experience.

Sensory StudioSessions are run daily by teaching staff covering a wide range of themes. A variety of switches, sensory objects and lighting is used to create a stimulating multi-sensory learning environment.


We have daily TACPAC sessions to promote communication and tapaclogosocial interaction, sensory, neurological and emotional development. TACPAC uses a tactile approach to communication.

TAPACEveryday objects such as wooden spoons, kitchen sponges, little mops or fans to stimulate the sense of touch. Each object is accompanied by its own piece of music and action. Over time children begin to recognise the piece of music and show anticipation of favourite objects and touch experiences.

TAPACTACPAC also improves body awareness as information is received through receptors in muscles and joints. This helps children to relate to their environment. The music allows children who are tactile sensitive to stay calm and be less defensive to the introduction of tactile stimulation.

For more information visit the Tapac Website.

Rebound Therapy

Rebound TherapyRebound therapy is delivered in school by Jane Hawkes. Jane runs weekly sessions for pupils to facilitate movement, promote balance, promote an increase or decrease in muscle tone. The sessions also help children with relaxation, sensory integration and communication skills.

Hydro Therapy

Hydro TherapyHydro TherapyWeekly hydro therapy sessions are run in the school pool under the guidance of the physiotherapist who provide programmes for individual children. The sessions enable children to experience movement, help to mobilise joints and stretch muscles. For some children the sessions also help to increase the strength in lower limbs.