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Welcome to Orange Class.

Orange Class is a Reception class and  is situated in the Primary building on the Gillingstool site.


My name is Alice and I am Orange Class Teacher.


The staff in Orange class are:


Alice (Teacher, Monday-Friday)

Janet (PPA teacher on a Wednesday morning)

Laura (Teaching Assistant, Monday – Friday),

Donna (Learning Support Assistant, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Lucy (Learning Support Assistant, Monday, Wednesday)

Nyssa (Learning Support Assistant, Monday- Friday)

Wendy (Learning Support Assistant, Monday- Friday)

Lisa (Learning Support Assistant (Wed pm, Thursday, Friday)

Katie (Learning Support Assistant (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Hannah (Carer, Monday- Friday)


I would like to offer you a brief insight into my Term 6 activity plan, which I will update each term to keep you informed of our learning.  I have uploaded an electronic overview for you to view.


In orange class we learn through play and we ensure that in each of our learning areas, children are able to work on targets and make progress.


Children in orange class enjoy playing in areas such as the roleplay area, creative area, water tray and writing table.


We are also keen to explore and learn in the outdoor area which includes a trampoline, sand table and giant musical instruments.


PE will take place on a Monday morning.


Swimming will take place on a Monday afternoon and Thursday morning. Your child will participate in one of these slots per week.



Please follow the links to our learning pages for each term.