Pet Therapy

Meet the Dogs


This is Travis


This is Jess


This is Skye


These dogs visit New Siblands school with their owners on a weekly basis for a short period of time. The dogs work with children in small groups with supporting adults from the various pupil classes.

These dogs are gentle and loving with impeccable temperaments, but at the same time are full of fun and enjoyment for the children. There are many benefits for pupils working with the dogs. These include: motivating pupils to engage in an activity where they have opportunities to work on their communication and language development, responsibility for walking and grooming the dogs, and relieving anxiety whilst increasing confidence with dogs. Children can learn to overcome their fear of animals and grow in respect and appreciation for them.

Groups that are set up at New Siblands on a Termly basis include:

  • ‘Pet Leaders’ – An identified group of pupils work on their communication speaking and listening  targets with the dog. They give instructions using their preferred mode of communication and follow requests working with the dog.
  • Sensory Pet Therapy – Identified pupils enjoy a session with the dog. They can also work on communication, sensory and physical development by reaching out, touching, smoothing the dog and tracking movements.