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Term 1

Welcome to Term 1 in Gold Class!


We all hope you’ve had a fantastic summer break 🙂

Please find lots of information below on what to expect throughout term 1.


During maths this term, we will be focusing on number and place value.

Pupils will have the opportunity to practise their rote counting skills and also practise other areas of number including place value, addition and subtraction and also multiplication and division. Here is one of our favourite maths songs that gets us ready for our learning.



Image result for the enormous turnip

Our book this term is called ‘The Enormous Turnip’.

This is a very fun story with lots of repeating language that allows pupils to join in with the story telling. As a class, we will be learning Makaton signs for our story and all taking part in retelling the story using our sensory story objects.

Pupils will also have the opportunity to explore the story through role play and various arts and crafts activities. They will learn about the different characters and some may even write their own version of The Enormous Turnip.

Our class will also be working hard on developing their fine motor skills during our ‘Dough Disco’, ‘Finger Gym’ and handwriting activities.



During term 1, our topic is called ‘How are you?’.

Pupils will find out about things such as:

  • Different feelings that we experience throughout the day and night and the reasons why we may experience them
  • We will explore strategies of how to manage the different emotions and feelings we experience
  • Makaton signs for the senses
  • What our different senses are
  • How food, exercise and sleep help keep us healthy
  • What happens when we are ill
  • How germs get into our bodies
  • People who help us stay healthy
  • People who discovered diseases and their cures
  • Diseases from the past
  • Why it is harder for people in poorer countries to stay healthy.


Additonal Information

  • Hydrotherapy will continue to take place on a Tuesday. If your child is participating in hydrotherapy sessions, Krissy will let you know.
  • Rebound therapy will take place on a Wednesday afternoon. Again, Krissy will update you if your child is due to take part in this.
  • P.E will take place with our P.E specialist, Jane Hawkes, on a Thursday morning. Please ensure your child has a full and fitting P.E kit. available in school at all times.
  • As you may have noticed, the weather at times is beginning to feel a lot more unpredictable and the temperature is slowly starting to drop. Please ensure your child has appropriate outdoor clothing including a warm coat and wellies.