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Term 5


This term in maths we are going to be looking at Data handling. The students will be going around to different classes to collect information about eye colour, favourite food, favourite TV programs etc. They will then put the data collected into graphs using computer programs. As well as collecting data, they will also be learning how to interpret bar graphs and answer questions about the graphs.

Students will also we learning about fractions.



This term we are looking at writing Non Fiction text and writing reports etc about the different environments we are learning about. Students will use computers to find out information, group the information about type out reports/ fact files about what they have found out.



This terms topic is Environments. We will be looking at the rainforest, Oceans and deserts. These topics will run over into terms 6 and link nicely to our next topic on recycling. Within each topic the students will look at the environment, watch clips from blue planet and other David Attenbourgh programmes, use the laptops to find out information and use a range of non fiction books to do some research.



We are looking at different animal habitats in Science this term. We are considering how environments differ and matching animals to their habitats.  We are investigating how the needs of specific animals are met within their environment and thinking about the ways that animals adapt to their habitat.



We’re working hard on our 4 Elements which includes preparing for the \expedition which some of us are doing this academic year.

We are continuing to do 1 hour per week voluntary work towards the D of E award. We will be doing a variety of activities in the classroom and will have completed this aspect by the end of this term.

We will continue to develop the memorial garden in school as the ongoing “Skill” aspect of the award.

They will also take part in expedition training with James from JC Adventures and take part in walks, cooking on stoves, pitching tents as well as map reading.



Emerald class are working towards an ASDAN qualification, “Making Pictures” (They are mixing colours and developing an understanding of the effect of black and white pictures.  They will be copying drawings and using a range of materials, as well learning to tidy up after themselves!

As well as all of the above some of Emerald class will be going on residential to Cilve Court while the others enjoy a range of activities during Enrichment week.