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Term 4


This term Emerald class will be learning about shape, symmetry and continuing with number work. Within symmetry we will be using mirrors to find lines of symmetry within shapes and drawing other half’s of pictures to make them symmetrical.

See below for examples of what we will be looking for.


During terms 3 and 4 we will be looking at biographies of different artists which link to our topic. We will be looking at key information about each Artist and writing a biography about them. This will then lead on to the pupils writing a biography about themselves, discussing their interests, likes, dislikes and aspirations for the future. Please see Topic session to view the artists we are studying.

We are also looking at instruction writing and thinking about the details we need to add to our writing when writing instructions. Pupils will be cooking and writing instructions on how to cook something, they will be writing directional instructions and instructional instructions.



During term 4 we will be looking at Bansky and Warhol and trying to re create some pictures of their art work using their techniques.  



Linked to our topic of artists and shape we will be looking at Rangoli pattern’s and looking at the festive of Holi.  We will be making our own Rangoli patterns and using different materials to create these.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Pupils in Emerald class will be taking part in a range of activities which will prepare them for their duke of Edinburgh expedition section of the award. They will be working with JC adventures who will help teach the pupils a range of skills needed for their expedition in July. They will learn how to put up and take down tents, cook on open stoves, map read, basic first aid skills and much more.

https://www.jcadventures.co.uk/ JC-Adventures-Logo-200