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Term 1

Our Literacy this term:

Dragon Stew –

Five bored Vikings went out hiking, looking for adventure, for something bold and new.  So they thought they’d hunt a dragon, and then tie it to their wagon, take it home and chop it up to make a dragon stew!  But….. when the Vikings find their dragon they are in for a big surprise.

The Littlest Viking –                                   

When Amber, the littlest Viking, set out from Scandanavia to seek her fortune, she must have got lost on the way!  Now she’s in Pegwell Bay with no one but her pet squirrel for company.  When Katie, Gary and Joshua find her stranded on the beach, they decide to look after her.  Now there’s a Viking living in their garden.

Having a Viking in the family isn’t always easy, but when the garden is threatened by a nasty neighbour, Amber has some unusual and hilarious solutions to their problems.

Our Maths this term:

This term we will be looking at numbers and place value.  Students will be working on their own maths targets.

Our Topic:

For the next two terms we will be looking at Vikings. We’ll be delving into their complete way of life, what they ate, what they wore, where they lived, how they travelled etc.

We’ll be making costumes, clay models of longboats and almost full size replicas of the boats.


We are looking at materials, whether they are liquid, solid or gas.


Later in the term we will be focusing on friendships


 We will be studying Judaism