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Term 5

All of the students and staff are looking forward to our Enrichment Week which begins 13th May.

Some of our class are heading off on their residential trip and other are looking forward to a week full of a variety of different activities.

When we aren’t having fun with our enrichment activities we will be taking part in a variety of curriculum activities.



Some of our students will be exploring Non Fiction Texts and using technology to answer questions so that we can write our own reports about different habitats.

Some of our students are going to be exploring the text The Busy Tree and using it to inspire a range of creative and literacy based activities.


During this term we will be linking our topic to maths be developing our measuring skills. We will be comparing and measuring items by size, weight and capacity and using our measuring skills to learn more about the environment around us.


Our new topic is The Environment. During the topic we will be learning about the environment around us and the different habitats in the world.



Throughout this term we will also continue with our Inclusion Partnership with students from The Castle School as well as outdoor learning.