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Term 3

We sincerely hope everyone had a great break over the Christmas period and are ready for all of the fun that 2019 will hold.

Term 3 plans on being as busy as the first two terms of the year and hopefully this page will give you a flavour of what we will be covering.


Some of our students will be exploring Biographical texts linked to our topic of Artists to learn about some of history’s most famous artists. We will be spending two weeks using the book to learn about the artist and during that time we will also be experimenting with that artists style of work.




Some of our students are going to be exploring the book – My Musuem. This book promises to inspire lots of opportunities to explore the ‘Art’ that is in the world around us.


During this term we will be linking our topic to maths and will be learning all about shapes, patterns and statistics.


This topic is going to give us a lot of opportunities to have fun and be creative as we explore a whole range of artistic media and explore the techniques employed by the artists we have researched.


Throughout this term we will also continue with our Inclusion Partnership with students from The Castle School as well as horse riding for some students and outdoor learning for other.