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Term 1

Click the link below to view the Term 1 overview for Blue Class.

Term 1 Overview


Our topic this term will be ‘All about me’.

Pupils will engage and participate in a number of activities such as:

  • Learning the Makaton signs for parts of the body
  • Learning names of people who are special to me and my friends
  • Creating images of self and family, favourite colours
  • Identifying favourite places
  • Identifying favourite musical instruments/songs
  • People who are special to me



Our Maths focus for this term is Number. We will be introducing the number song 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught fish alive. Some children will be learning through number rhymes and songs with a sensory approach. Others will be using different resources to count, order and make sets of objects. Maths helps our students understand the world around them and we always try to make it as engaging as possible.



Our literacy focus will be a song called ‘Walking in the jungle’. Pupils will be able to join in with the song, explore the toy animals and listen to the sounds that particular animals make. Some children will also use sensory activities to help name characters objects, while also developing their communication skills. Others will match words, follow instructions and order the events of the song



Our science topic will be taught on a Wednesday when Janet teaches us.  Our class will explore their senses and also learn scientific enquiry skills alongside this.