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Welcome to Blue Class!

Blue Class is situated in the Primary building on the Gillingstool site and the children are a mixture of Years 1, 2 and 3.  There are lots of staff to help and support the children’s learning and well-being.  We all have a lot of experience in making learning fun and inclusive for everyone.  We make a great team!

The children learn through a wide range of enjoyable experiences and activities, which we will tell you all about.  Our curriculum is designed to ensure that everyone gets the differentiated attention they need to help reach their potential.

We keep in touch through the home-school diaries, newsletters, ‘phone calls and parents’ evenings, and love to hear news from home.  Please also keep an eye on these pages, as they will be updated to keep you in touch!


Our class team…

Nicola – Teacher

Julie – Teaching Assistant

Lorraine and Celia – Learning Support Assistants

Carers – Kate, Kelly and Kira

Janet – PPA Teacher


Please follow the links to our learning pages for each term.