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Welcome to Blue Class!

We are very excited to welcome a new group of students this term into Blue Class! Here you will find all of the relevant information you will need to start this academic year. Don’t forget, if you have any questions please let your class teacher know by writing in the diary or phoning the school.

Meet the team

Here in Blue Class we love to learn through play! As well as learning skills in maths and English, we will also be learning to share, communicate effectively and explore our environments safely.





Blue Class will be swimming every Monday afternoon from 2:00pm. Please make sure you equip your child with a swimming costume, towel and appropriate swim nappies, all individually named and in a named bag.




Children will be taking part in PE lessons every Tuesday morning with Janet. Please make sure your child has a T-shirt, shorts and daps or trainers, all individually named and in a named bag.


Outdoor Learning

We are very fortunate in school to have a designated outdoor learning area where the children can play, climb and explore a range of activities. Please provide your child with a pair of named wellies.




Please follow the links to our learning pages for each term.